​​​​​​​About us

​International Kids Yoga Alliance® aka IKYA is an organization that deeply invested in training teachers and children yoga schools to promote children’s metal and physical education.

Having a IKYA’s certification affirms one’s accomplishment as a professionally trained neo humanistic orthodox approach educator. This skill set could be applied to every professional field which also enhances one’s professional value.


Exceptional Kid’s Yoga
Teacher certification:
IKYA200 certified of exceptional Kid’s Yoga teacher

Kid’s Consult Yogi
Teacher certification:
IKYA200 certified of Kid’s consult yogi

1 to 1 Private Yoga class
Teacher certification:
IKYA200 certified of Kid’s private class teacher

Parent-kid Interactive Yoga Course
(0-1 years old)
Teacher certification:
IKYA100 certified of Kid’s Yoga teacher

​​​​IKYA Kids Yoga Traing System

IKYA Kid’s Yoga traning system is aimed to of fer the way for physical and mental happiness for the 0-18 years kids and their parents. The system includs Happy Yoga,Creative Yoga,Happy Yogi and other activites to promote children overall physical and mental development.

Baby Yoga (0-10 months old)

From the game. parents and children blend with each other and relax in a happy atmosphere. Baby is a natural yogi .Through a series of nature parent-child yoga exercises and breathing techniques, you will relax and strengthen your muscles The correction strengthens the spine, making the spine soft and elastic, so that we can play yoga with the baby with a fusion of heart and experience an unprecedented comfort

​​​​Happy Yoga (0-6 years old)


Happy Yoga body activity, is the world’s first design combined with medicine. science. art psychologyby domain experts to” children’s physical and mental development” .The theory as the foundation, from 0 to 6 years old ,a total of six stages, each stage with children of different ages and psychological changes, design exclusive Happy children’s Yoga classes. Help children in the movement. social. emotional. language and intellectual development at the same time. Bring in love and peace of the seeds of happiness into the heart of each child.

​​​​Creative Yoga (7-12 years old)

IKYA focus on the four key elements of physical and mental health(regular sleep and rest balanced diet moderate exercise. and peace of mind).Simple and easy design help you to remember yoga activities. The system helps children to develop a healthy concept and to have a sensitive and healthy body. keen senses, intelligent intelligence, creative imagination, subtle intuition and happy heart at the same time.

​​​​Teenager Yoga (13-18 years old)

Youth is a dynamic and emotionalphase.The maturity of the hormone is changing sophysical and spiritual exercise are needed. Teenager Yoga can adjust the glands of teenagers to keep balance of body and mind to enhance memory and to improve concentration It helps to make good posture bone. Ikya teenager yoga is a noncompetitive, mild and safe movement.